Interview with Dr. Giorgio Maria Castriota Scanderbeg


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Interview with Dr. Giorgio Maria Castriota Scanderbeg

Interview of the publisher Costanzo d’Agostino, to Dr. Giorgio Maria Castriota Scanderbeg, direct descendant of the Albanian and European hero Giorgio Castriota Scanderbeg.


Q: Dott.Giorgio Maria Castriota Scanderbeg, how did originate and develops over time, the Naples branch of the descendants of Scanderbeg in Italy?

A: In my opinion, when it comes to direct descendants, it is better to clarify that, as in all things of life there are the main branches, like descendants since then the firstborn of secondary branches, which according to the vicissitudes of life, can become major If the firstborn does not have sons.

To better illustrate my thinking, which is based on precise genealogical standards, such as the port my children.
The first is Filippo , born on 25.1.1989 and the second is Alexander, born on 6.2.1992; Where to Philip affected the fate of not having sons, the burden of offspring touches right to Alessandro.

Departing from John Castriota, setting out from time to time, we identify his son George, an Albanian and European hero, as you rightly pointed out, from which my branch comes down, after Giorgio by:
Giovanni, Ferrante (often mentioned by the name Ferdinand), Achille, Pirro, Antonio, Achille (Lord of St. Demetrius San Cosmo and Macchia, in Calabria Citra), Antonio, who married Claudia Paola, Giorgio, Ferrante (or Ferdinand ) from which Francis was born on 23.11.1779 (Philip, born on 29.3.1783) Antonio, who married Emanuelle Gennaro, of the Marquis of Auletta, John, who married Marquis Mary Seymour, from which were born Emanuelle Francis on 7.6. 1875 and died without heirs, the 9.6.1943..

At this point, extinguished the main branch, the second son of Ferrante, like 'Philip, shown above in parentheses, born on 29.3.1783, go to forward his descendants, and thus the direct descendants of Castriota Scanderbeg, to: Ferdinand (Ferrante ) First baron of Fossaceca and Castelluccio, Philip II of the second Baron Fossaceca and Castelluccio, from which in the first wedding, Baron Ferdinand III of Fossaceca and Castelluccio, Philip IV Baron of Fossaceca and Castelluccio, and then Giorgio (me ) V Barone of Fossaceca and Castelluccio, from which, as mentioned above, Filippo and Alessandro .

This indication of names, in addition to being more 'detail included in our genealogic tree of our family, was justified, analyzed and recognized as valid, with acts that are preserved in the Council Heraldry, and were declared authentic in Rome 3.2.1910 by the Commissioner of the Royal Heraldry Consult, and stamped for authenticity 'from the Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, as well as' President of the Council Heraldry, Dr. Sannino.


Q: The known heroic stories in which your great ancestor, George, was distinguish have certainly brought in dowry to his descendants as well as some privilege, even a load of responsibility' especially moral; how you live and how you relate to these incidents?

A: I was born Castriota Scanderbeg, for me and 'always been normal to bring my surname. When we began to study history, sometimes in class, we encounter study of Giorgio Castriota, said Scanderbeg, whose deeds, unfortunately, were never really explored; I felt, at first intimidated, (not just the eyes and companions smile), but also the weight of the name carried. Will I ever be comparable to this great man?
Well privileges land, had in dowry, at household level, are nothing against the only real privilege to represent on earth, to the present day, a proud man, unbeatable, loyal, honest, that distinguish him self in Albania and in Europe , as certified by reading his deeds.
We will never be comparable to the hero, but we can only be worthy ambassadors, in Italy, Albania, and throughout Europe.

Q: After more than two centuries of relations broken off between the two main branches of Castriota Scanderbeg family in Italy, that of Ruffano (Le) and that of Naples, it was reopened an constructive dialogue that many have long awaited. Can you say something about the relationship with your "cousins" of Ruffano (Le)?

I was born in 1955 by Filippo Maria, eldest son of Ferdinand, who, for his unwillingness' reputation ', has never or almost never, participated in official ceremonies on behalf of Scanderbeg. Who did so with a different and brilliant participation was my uncle George, known as Fra 'Giorgio, in Italy, Albania and between Arberesh. Having said this I must, for the historic truth, to say that in my family since I was born, I have come not ever aware of disagreements with the branch of Ruffanos. I learned of their existence at this golden book of the Italian nobility and my curiosity never moved beyond. They are descendants of Pardo, brother of Achille from which we descend. We are therefore, to find a proper link "cousins".

I am sorry to learn from you that our families relations were in secular "cold", but in all cases, so 'as the ice maintains the characteristics of things, food and so on, this ice, once it was dissolved, albeit with a single initial telephone meeting, to a changed sense of esteem to people in all cases bear our name. Receive an evening to 20.00 hours on a call by Dr. Alessandro Castriota Scanderbeg, I was filled with joy and emotion.

So in they were innate, like us, the sense of family and modesty. They are people of certainly morality, and I hope to know them as soon is possible.
Alessandro Castriota Scanderbeg married a woman whose name and 'Carolina, which has the same name as my grandmother, and that was the name that we (me and my wife) think to gave to our daughter if we would have a female. What can we say?
We are happy to know that in all cases, our families, regardless of the offspring, will be in the future, still, bulwarks the only thing we can do, like 'keep alive the historical memory of Albanian hero. Allow me, through you to do the best wishes to Dr. Giulio who recently had a male heir, George, testimony of the respect that both our families lead to the hero.


Q: Giorgio Maria Castriota Scanderbeg, you soon will visit 'Albania, where land is permanently keep the roots of the family. How is experiencing the expectation of the trip?
What are the sentiments that dominate your soul?

A: You must know that in 1997 or so, if I remember correctly, they were preparing contacts between the Albanian friends and my uncle, Fra 'George, who was in Albania doing meritorious work of sending medicines, on behalf of' Order of Malta, bringing him directly, to drive trucks (something that now worthy continues to do his daughter, my cousin, Maria Luisa). . The events of 1997, have in fact broken the relationships, to organize the return, but inside me I always had the feeling that sooner or later we would be there.

I had the pleasure and the honor to meet in Rome Ambassador Kola, the poet Visar Zhit, and many, many Albanian friends and brothers.
To all of them, during my heartfelt little speech at the square Albania, I said that in every country in the world I would be gone as a tourist but in Albania not.

I would go there only after a call, and allow me and my family, to be able to return in what, let me, I believe to be the "promised land".

Thoughts and feelings that gripping my person are many and such to the point that I think would be the desire to "escape", but can 'Castriota Scanderbeg escape?
See you soon, Albania, the homeland of my blood. Giorgio

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Titulli: Interview with Dr. Giorgio Maria Castriota Scanderbeg

Po mire qe e keni sjelle po nuk mendoni se duhet perkthyer pak kjo ? Une nuk kuptoj shume c'te bej nuk kam shkolle te me falni .
Titulli: Interview with Dr. Giorgio Maria Castriota Scanderbeg


italianet, francezet, po tallen me shqiptar ne shqiperi.

burrat nga 50 vjec kapin vajzat 18 vjecare duke u hequr si te pasur, te ditur, te kulturuar etj.
tjetri vjen e shpik nje histori per tu tallur dhe me historine dhe figurat kombetare.

ka ardhur koha te organizohemi tju fusim plumbin kokes te gjith ketyre qe vijne ne shqiperi e te marrin vesh se nuk na eshte lagur akoma baruti.
Titulli: Interview with Dr. Giorgio Maria Castriota Scanderbeg

Giorgio Maria Castriota Scanderbeg eshte pasardhes i Gjergj Kastriotit dhe i perket deges se NAPOLIT (pasardhesit jane te ndare ne dy dege: Napoli (femijet e Akilit) dhe Lecce (femijet e Pardos)).

Sipas ligjeve te araldikes boterore, nese do te ekzistonte ende mbreteria e Kastrioteve, Zoterise do i takonte titulli per mbret aktualisht.

Megjithate midis dy degeve ka disa "ferkime", pasi ekzistenca e Akilit si nip i Skenderbeut eshte e dyshimte: rrjedhimisht edhe dega e Napolit mendohet te mos jete dege Kastriotesh.

Akili (ster, ster, ster...gjyshi i G. M. C. Scanderbeg) mendohet te ishte bashkeshorti i njeres prej mbesave te Gjergj Kastriotit, dhe me ane te disa "njohjeve" te tija, arriti te rregjistrohej si djali i pare i Gjonit, duke i hequr fronin mbreteror (princeror) Pardos, i cili ishte i vogli dhe i vetmi mashkull Kastriot me pasardhes (pasi dy vellezerit e tjere ishin bere prifterinj)...

Vete Karli V, mbret i Frances dhe Napolit, kur beri ndarjen e principatave, nuk shkroi askund per Akilin, por vetem per vellezerit e tjere...

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